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Hello there! I'm a former teacher turned full-stack software developer with a knack for quickly adapting to new technologies and working with teammates. My journey in tech started with a deep-seated love for problem-solving and an interest in the connections between technology, language, and culture.

My tech toolkit includes Spring Boot, Java, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, and more. Whether it's designing responsive UIs or testing with JUnit, I'm always ready to dive in and learn. I've worked on projects like a Tabletop RPG Inventory Management System and a clone of ChatGPT that have allowed me to apply these skills in real-world contexts. Check them out in my projects section!

Before my foray into tech, I spent time learning ancient languages including Latin, ancient Greek, and Sanskrit. I've spent the past two years as a Latin and Ancient History teacher, where I not only honed my communication skills but also learned how to efficiently manage and track progress, skills that have served me well in the world of coding.

I'm currently polishing my skills at Tech Elevator, a 30-week full-stack coding bootcamp, where I've already logged 800+ hours of development education and application. I'm eagerly looking forward to bringing my passion for creating efficient and effective tech solutions into an entry-level software development role.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and get in touch. I'm always open to new opportunities and conversations about tech!

My Projects


Screenshot of Project 1, a ChatGPT clone

This is the link to the live project of my ChatGPT clone using react! The title of the clone, "LennyGPT", is an affectionate tribute to my roommate's new puppy, Lenny. Check it out!

TTRPG Inventory Manager

Screenshot of Project 2, a Tabletop RPG Inventory Management System

This is a live full full-stack Java Spring Boot project with a react frontend that uses a SQL database (using PostgreSQL) for tabletop roleplaying games to keep track of and update player characters and their respective items. Check it out!


Screenshot of QuirkShop project

A whimsical e-commerce platform showcasing a variety of unusual and humorous products, created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The QuirkShop project showcases effective use of DOM manipulation and event handling in JavaScript. Check it out!

AI SQL Generator

Screenshot of the AI SQL Generator project

This project is an AI-based application that leverages the OpenAI API to create a chatbot capable of generating SQL queries from user prompts. The backend was developed using TypeScript, while the frontend was designed with React, showcasing my proficiency in full-stack development and AI integration. Check it out!

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